Toothy Tuesday Program

Every Tuesday we partner with Philadoptables to raise money for one dental surgery for a Philly cat that may not get this opportunity otherwise.

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Before you sign up, please read our program checklist and FAQ.

Program Checklist

  • Fill out the form for each cat or kitten you are bringing to the clinic.

  • This is for PET cats. If you have a TNR (outside cat) to be fixed, please email us at and we will set you up on a different free program.

  • Kittens must be two pounds in weight.

  • If your request is approved, you will receive additional information via email for your appointment shortly. 

  • We are unable to accept phone calls so please be sure to check your email periodically.


COVID-19 protocol for each clinic must be followed.

This includes wearing a mask at all times and following all distancing procedures at the clinics for drop off and pickup. Clinic-specific guidelines will be sent to you when you receive an appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free to get my cat fixed? What’s the catch?

Yes, we believe that spaying and neutering pet cats in Philadelphia should be free. We work hard to provide a limited number of free surgeries to pet cats on a first come, first serve basis year-round at veterinary clinics that we partner with.

How do I sign up to bring my pet cat to be fixed through the Free Fix program?

Fill out one form for each cat or kitten you want to bring to the clinic: This is for pet cats from Philadelphia only. If you are not from Philadelphia or have outside cats (TNR) that need spay or neuter, please email us for additional resources at

When will I know if I am selected to receive an appointment?

If your request is approved, you will receive additional information and available appointment dates shortly. We ask that you periodically check your email for our messages. We are unable to accept phone calls at this time.

Is Catadelphia the clinic I will be bringing my cat to?

No. Catadelphia is the nonprofit organization that created the program and will be communicating with you about getting your cat fixed. We partner with a few different veterinary clinics.

Which clinic will I be bringing my cat to for surgery?

You will be able to select the clinic of your choice when you make your appointment with us. Please map the address of the clinics now so that you are not surprised on the morning of your appointment.
The Spayed Club 800 Chester Pike, Sharon Hill, PA 19079
The Bridge Clinic 1 Declaration Drive, Bensalem, PA 19020

What is included in the Free Fix package?

Each cat is eligible to receive the following:

  • Spay or Neuter
  • Rabies vaccination
  • FVRCP vaccination
  • Flea treatment
  • Dewormer
  • *Additional medical care. If medical issues are found during surgery, we will try to cover the cost of these. We cannot guarantee this but we will cross this bridge if we come to it.

What if I want other services like a microchip or FeLV/FIV testing?

If you would like microchips or other services, please inquire with the clinic directly upon checking in. Unfortunately, we cannot cover the cost of those services at this time.

On the clinic forms there are prices listed if they find flea, ear mites or tapeworms on my cat. Do I have to pay if the vet finds parasites on my cat?

No. Treatment of these parasites is covered through the Free Fix program.

My cat is in heat or pregnant can I still bring her?

Yes. Pregnant cats and cats that are in heat will both be spayed. Some clinics charge extra fees for this but through us, it’s still completely free.

How old does my kitten have to be to come to Free Fix for spay or neuter surgery?

Kittens can be spayed or neutered at just eight weeks of age. That’s two months old. Or, two pounds in weight. Kittens can begin mating at four months of age and have babies at six months so don’t delay.

My cat has other medical problems will he or she be treated for those?

Additional medical care (if other problems are found with your cats during surgery, we will try to cover the cost of these. We cannot guarantee this but we will cross this bridge if we come to it at that time). List any medical concerns you have about your cats your Free Fix form and on your clinic forms.

Do I have to bring my cat in a carrier?

Yes. All cats must be brought in hard carriers. If you need to borrow a hard carrier, you can pick one up from us in Tacony, 19135. Here is the link to reserve carriers: You can also email if you have questions.

Can I put more than one cat or kitten in one carrier?

No. For the safety of the cats and kittens, they need to be in their own secure carrier. After anesthesia, cats can fight each other so they each need their own carrier. Always double check your carrier is completely locked before you leave the house and when you bring your cat in and out of the car. For added safety, you can hold your carrier under your arms, not just by the handle itself.

What if I don’t have a cat carrier or need more carriers to separate my cats?

Catadelphia has many cat carriers available to be borrowed from our Trap Library location in Tacony, Philadelphia, 19135. To reserve cat carriers for pickup from us, please click the this link: 📩 If you have any questions, email us at

I don’t have a ride to the clinic. Can you help me get a ride for my cat?

We are not able to provide transportation at this time. You can join our local Philly cat Facebook group to ask if anyone is carpooling to the clinic: We also encourage you to contact friends, family and neighbors. Do you know other people who need their cats spayed or neutered? Do they have a car? Get them to sign up and then carpool together to the clinic!

Late charges and boarding

If you are late to pick up your cat after surgery, the clinic may charge you a fee of $25. Unfortunately Catadelphia is not able to cover these fees. Please do everything you can to be on time for pickup.

What happens if I miss my appointment?

Due to the Pandemic, there’s very limited availability for spay and neuter appointments. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, no-show for your appointment or are late enough that the clinic cannot admit your cat(s), we will have to put you at the end of the list for rebooking. This could be a six month or longer wait unfortunately.

Why are the clinics during the week?

The surgery days are on the days that the clinic has available at this time to us. This is because this is the day we were able to arrange to have this free, high volume clinic.

The clinics are far away from me. Why aren’t the clinics located in Philadelphia?

The Spayed Club and Providence Animal Center are the only quality clinics that are affordable enough for Catadelphia to make surgery free to you. If you know of other clinics in Philadelphia that are willing to partner with Catadelphia, feel free to email us their contact information.

What time do I drop off and pick up my cat?

Each clinic has different drop off and pick up times. Please refer to the email you receive when you choose which clinic you would like to come to.

Do I have to print out the forms and bring them to the clinic the morning of my appointment?

We send you your paperwork in advance to speed up check in when you are dropping your cat off. The clinic paperwork will also be available at the clinic the morning of your appointment. It’s okay for you to fill it out in person if you are not able to print it out in advance!

What if my pet cat is already fixed? Can I come in to get just shots or flea treatment?

Unfortunately the answer is no. This is only for cats and kittens that have not been spayed or neutered yet. Please reach out to us at and we can send you information on other clinics and organizations that offer these services.

Can I bring cats that live outside for TNR surgery at Free Fix?

No. The donors that fund this program are donating specifically for pet cats from Philadelphia only. There are other free programs for outside cats that we can connect you to. Please email for more information.

Why can’t I bring my cat if I am not from Philadelphia?

Catadelphia is a Philadelphia cats only organization. In our city there are an estimated 400,000 cats living outside. That enormous number doesn’t even begin to look at how many Philly pet cats there are indoors. We must work locally to best support the people and cats in our community. Please, reach out to us at to receive referral information for help in your area. There are many other organizations that offer both free and low cost services for cats. Thank you for being honest about your address and helping us keep the funds we work hard to raise for #PhillyCats.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

We are happy to help you with additional questions. Please complete our contact form here: or reach out to us at


Fill out one form for each cat